Established in 2022 and led by CP (Denester), Lion City Parkour is a fast-growing Parkour academy that aims to bring world-class Parkour education to the masses.



parkour singapore about cp

Director, Lead CoachCP (DENESTER)

A passionate practitioner for more than 10 years, Chen Pin (CP) has travelled around the world to teach, perform, and participate in different events and competitions – notably in Beast Coast, Freerun Hefei City, North American Parkour Championships.

He is also a community leader – with his ambitions in growing the Parkour scene regionally, he masterminded the biggest Parkour event in Asia – Lion City Gathering.

With over 9 years of coaching experience and counting, he is also proud to be the second person in Asia to have attained the ParkourEDU certification, and aims to share his outlook of Parkour to budding practitioners.


Coach, MarketingGWEN

A bubbly person who continuously strives to improve herself and the Parkour community, Gwen is a highly devoted Parkour athlete, coach and role model to many all over the world, especially female Parkour practitioners. She is currently also the only female parkour coach to publicly coach Parkour in Singapore.

Currently the Founder and President of Women’s Parkour Singapore (WPKSG) and the person spearheading their Women’s Parkour and Movement Jam initiatives, she aims to build a strong, supportive Parkour community of ladies who celebrate each other and grow together, and to ensure that ladies interested in picking up the sport can do so safely and in a progressive manner.

Fun fact: she’s also an experienced street dancer of over 17 years! Join her classes to see her flow 😉

parkour singapore about gwen


With about 12 years of coaching experience and 15 years of training experience under his belt, Nachos is no stranger in Parkour Singapore as he was the previous President.

In Nachos’ classes, expect to gain values and principals that guide the Parkour discipline and also a greater understanding of your body and mind, and how to push through your limitations in a safe and progressive manner.

Physically, he trains his dedicated pool of students with movements that provide a good workout, and mentally he ensures that he prescribes drills and challenges in class that’ll test your problem-solving skills and coordination! Learn to master your fears and think clearly in different situations with Coach Nachos.

Did we mention: Nachos is also a Circus performer? He teaches juggling, tumbling and much more!



Bernard is a passionate parkour athlete for more than 10 years, and has taught at international schools, public workshops and private classes for at least 6 years.

He has competed in various parkour events such as Parkour For The People (Style and Speed categories), as well as Asian Parkour Championships. He also performed for occasions such as Chingay Parade and other public events.

Bernard also practices breakdancing, and likes to incorporate some of those moves to spice up and stylize his parkour movements!

During his classes, he likes to work on the student’s creativity and fluidity by teaching and also encouraging them to come up with different usages of basic parkour movements. His classes usually includes a body conditioning session to strengthen the students and better prepare them for learning more advanced parkour moves.


CoachCheng Yang (CY)

Cheng Yang has been training parkour for 9 years and is always seeking new challenges and movement styles.

Looking for creative movement and to work on the smoothest of flows? Cheng Yang has done professional performances such as Chingay 2021, and has taken part in multiple local parkour competitions such as Asian Parkour Championships’ Rail Flow and Home Flow categories, Parkour for the People’s Style and Speed categories and is no stranger to making his parkour lines smooth and pleasing to the eye.

His friendly and approachable nature makes him well known by many in the parkour community. With his recent discovery of breakdancing, he has been finding ways to incorporate breaking movements with parkour and vice versa.

He aims to develop strong fundamentals among his students and emphasizes on flow and power. He is keen on sharing his journey and experiences with students and hope that they feel inspired to train harder!



Faiz has been training parkour since 2009. Inspired by the likes of Jackie Chan, he was always mesmerized as stuntmen and acrobats performed their ‘impossible’ feats.

Lured into a continuous adventure of self-improvement, he has since trained with several international communities across the world. He has also performed professionally – for Singapore Night Fest, SHINE Festival, MediaCorp, Universal Studios, McDonald’s China, BMW, Prudential and many others.

With a renewed perspective, he is keen to share his experiences of the art to nurture a new generation of passionate movers. He believes that no matter the reason, fun, fitness or friendship; parkour is for everyone.

parkour singapore about faiz