First created in the late ’80s by a French group the Yamakasi, Parkour is a holistic athletic training and discipline with roots in military obstacle training and martial arts. It was originally created to maximize efficiency over obstacles, with the intention of being useful to others.

Parkour consists of moves which mainly include:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Swinging
  • Rolling
  • Vaulting
  • Plyometrics
  • and even Flips (for Freerunning)

Simply put, Parkour is getting from Point A to Point B in the most efficient manner.

Now, Parkour athletes train the sport to not only express themselves, but to also improve on confidence, power, speed, technique, endurance, creativity and even mental fortitude.

The right way to learn and do Parkour is the safe way. Here at Lion City Parkour, our passionate and experienced coaches use a progressive approach, tailoring skills based on the individual and where they’re at and progressing them towards new moves in a safe, holistic manner.



Parkour is a fun and engaging full body workout, and Singapore has the PERFECT urban landscape for it! It is currently a fast-growing sport here, and is even well-known around the world as a Parkour heaven.

Despite misconceptions due to how it’s portrayed by mainstream media (and highly experienced athletes with over a decade of experience), at its core, the sport has many physical and mental health benefits.

Adaptive Skills
  • Parkour includes agility, balance, power, speed, coordination, and reaction time. You have use these skills when navigating obstacles. These skills may not be required for everyday life, but are still very beneficial to have in your arsenal to ensure your physical fitness.
  • Techniques learnt can be transferred to other sports even, as seen in our trainings with schools such as Singapore Sports School.
Fall Prevention
  • Parkour practitioners practice falling, rolling and bailing as part of their usual training. We have adult students and parents of our young students report that they broke actual falls with little to no injuries as it became 2nd nature to them through our parkour classes. Fall prevention is highly essential for Singapore’s aging population.
Increase in Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Ever watch your young child throw themselves off heights from playgrounds, hard floors, furniture etc without much (or any) thought?
  • Through our parkour classes, parents have observed an decrease in such behaviours as children learn to independently assess risks. This is achieved through our coaches teaching them how to consider and manage risks through proper training techniques, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment.
Building Core and Bone Strength
  • The core is the center of your body and is responsible for helping you bend, twist and transfer power and strength across your body. Developing a strong core through parkour also helps to prevent lower back injuries.
  • In parkour, practitioners do lower and upper body impact movements, enabling their body to build stronger bones due to the impact they take, even if it’s an ankle height impact!
Improving Creativity and Problem-Solving
  • Similarly to bouldering/rock climbing, parkour encourages participants to use their creativity and to think outside the box to solve a problem. Every obstacle you meet in parkour won’t have an obvious solution, so you must use your creativity and problem-solving skills to overcome it.
Increased Confidence
  • Parkour builds confidence by allowing people to be able to conquer things they would never have even attempted before. For example, when you see a large wall that before seemed like an impossible feat and you learn how to get over it? You feel as though you can accomplish anything in life.
  • As one of our adult students once said, starting parkour helped her envision that she could also get over life’s obstacles too, and that no problem was too big to get over. It is one of her most important takeaways from her classes with us!
  • The sport also teaches resilience, grit and adaptability through thes obstacles and the idea of not giving up easily until the problem is solved.

And much, much more!

Join our parkour classes at Lion City Parkour, and experience these benefits for yourself.


What our Students say:

Zulhilmi K.
Intro to Parkour Course

The coaches were very friendly and the equipment used in trainings were very good. As a beginner, they really guided me well with easy to follow instructions. Would definitely come round again!

Tan Keng Yao
Parkour Kids

I really like how these classes have allowed my son to develop traits such as confidence, perseverance and ruggedness.

Classes are conducted in a very safe environment, yet students are encouraged to push themselves physically just that bit more, helping them to achieve feats that I never thought possible. My son has not only made many friends at the classes, he has also grown stronger physically through the rigorous workouts. Most importantly, he has a lot of fun every class.

I also like that the coaches are approachable and personable, and take pains to send parents videos of each student after every class, so we are updated on what happened during the sessions. In fact, this feels less like a class, and more like a cosy, tight-knit community of friends.

Kathy Tan
Parkour Kids

My 6 year old walked past one of the sessions they were having and was intrigued so he inserted himself into the class! That’s when he came back and bugged me to let him join the class.

I really like that the lessons instil discipline and yet still keeps it fun for him. The coaches are caring and welcoming. After lessons, they would send me videos of him at practice and share how he did at lesson. Can totally feel their passion for the kids and commitment to the class and lessons are relatively affordable at $35/session compared with other enrichment classes I guess. Definitely recommend!

V. S.
Ladies Parkour

They offer Women’s parkour classes here and I really enjoy them! Coach Gwen’s patience really stands out with beginners like me, and she challenges my abilities without pushing me to injury. Strongly recommend classes here, they cater to all ages safely

Parkour Adult

The inner movement journey can be a very personal one and I need to thank CP (and all the coaches at Lion City Parkour) for sharing it with me, and getting me, and the rest of his students, literally from A to B – the shortest longest path. The perspectives CP brings as a self-learning practitioner has definitely helped me go beyond myself in small big ways.

Parkour Adult

Coach Faiz is understanding and patient. He always helps me understand the various new moves taught in class, and provide progressions to help me overcome my fear of certain moves. He is meticulous when it comes to understanding each students’ strengths and weaknesses, and provides us with useful advice and suggestions. I have progressed a lot in my parkour journey thanks to him.